Airframe Servicing, Maintenance and Inspections

Micro Maintenance is complemented by two BMAA Inspectors able to perform all inspection work required for your Microlight aircraft.

Permit to Fly Inspections

All two seat Microlight aircraft are subject to airworthiness regulations which ensure that each design is approved as airworthy.  Each of these aircraft is awarded a Permit to Fly by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.  The Permit is validated each year by having an inspection and check flight.  The inspection is carried out by an Inspector authorised by the BMAA.  The owner may carry out their own check flight.

For two seat Microlight’s your aircraft must be inspected and check flown to re-validate its Permit to Fly each year.  If the aircraft’s Certificate of Validity (C of V) is still valid, the inspection and check flight can be performed up to 60 days prior to its expiry with no loss of duration.  The maximum time between inspection and check flight is also 60 days.  The check flight can be flown before the inspection as long as the C of V is still valid.  Otherwise it must be flown after the inspection.

Modification Inspections

If an owner wishes to modify the design of his aircraft, this might be by adding a fuel tank, changing the suspension or simply installing a radio, the regulations require that the modification is approved to ensure that it does not compromise the airworthiness of the design.  The BMAA Technical Office is able to make the assessment of a modification for BMAA members.

Micro Maintenance are able to act as independent Inspectors of your modifications.

Weight Reports

Micro Maintenance uses calibrated scales to accurately weigh your aircraft to submit a detailed weight and balance report required for your PTF.  At time of application your aircraft must have a valid weight report.  The primary purpose of the BMAA’s weight and balance policy is to ensure that the empty weight and balance of every BMAA aircraft is sufficiently accurately known to allow pilots to load their aircraft safely.

To book your inspection call our Inspection team on 01335 344308 or email

Scheduled Airframe Maintenance (Annual/150hr Maintenance).

Most Microlight aircraft require scheduled airframe maintenance.  These are actions required by the manufacturers to be undertaken by the pilot or an agent on their behalf at scheduled hourly or timed intervals.  These can be in the form of daily inspection (before flight) every 25hrs, 50hrs, 100hrs and annual/150hrs.  It is also a requirement that life parts be replaced at specific hours. All airframe scheduled maintenance must be recorded within your aircrafts logbook and required as part of your permit to fly.

Micro Maintenance offer an airframe scheduled maintenance service, following the manufacturers annual/150hr (C service) inspection and maintenance worksheet we can undertake all work required and provide you with a detailed report for your paperwork and piece of mind.

All works are undertaken by our experienced Mechanics and Inspectors ensuring all work is carried out to the highest standards.


PTF inspections £120

Modification inspections £40

Weight reports £100

Annual/150hr airframe scheduled maintenance from £140

Our Inspectors

Mark Hilton: Inspector number 631 (ABEFI)

Alan Jackson: Inspector number 610 (ABEFGHIL)

To book your airframe service call one of our Aircraft Engineers on 01335 344308 or email

The BMAA definition of an inspection is as follows:

“an independent examination of the aircraft’s parts and paperwork from which the Inspector will make a judgement as to its airworthiness at that point in time”

The scope of the of the Inspector’s job is simply to inspect.

• To find the defect – not to fix it

• To monitor the amateur build – not to build it

• To examine the repair – not to repair it

• To look at the modification – not to modify it

• To verify the documentation – not to rewrite it

• To ensure compliance against BMAA standards – not against his own

• To act on behalf of and under the control of the BMAA – not the Owner

The Inspector’s findings are the basis on which they can, afterwards, offer advice and guidance to help the owner keep their aircraft airworthy.

Micro Maintenance Inspectors and airframe Mechanics work in accordance to SIGMA, issued by the BMAA on behalf of the CAA.

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