PeaBee Sub 70


PeaBee Sub 70 Main Dealers

Micro Maintenance are now main dealers for the best sub 70 categorised aircraft.

Innovative Design

Micro Maintenance are proud to be the first main dealers for the PeaBee trike range. We have a PeaBee sub 70 demonstrator for you to look at today, and our experienced team can discuss the many optional extras with you to customise your machine.  With 8 colours to chose from, four engine options and full wing customisation, the PeaBee trike range is a perfect choice for you!

The PeaBee

The PeaBee is the first addition to our aircraft fleet.  Designed by Flylight’s very own Ben Ashman, the PeaBea is the best sub 70 catergorised aircraft available today. 

  • Factory built price from £9299 PLUS VAT
  • Total weight including fuel 69.9kg
  • Max airspeed 55mph
  • 11.5 litres of fuel giving 3.5hrs of flight time.


Here is a video of our instructor Mark, reviewing the PB70

Sub 70 training

We can also offer you Sub 70 training for your PeaBee.  Whether you need a combination of dual training and solo supervision working towards a BHPA power rating, further training for an NPPL restricted licence or just difference training on type.  Micro Maintenance can provide you with everything you need to fly these amazing machines.

Looking to carry more fuel or fly faster? Maybe the Bivvybee or Adam are for you. Check out the brochures here. Micro Maintenance can supply the entire PeaBee range, supply spares parts and maintain your aircraft like new!

Our after sales and customer support will also be on hand to offer you all the help you need, should you require it.



The BivvyBee

The BivvyBee is Flylight’s heavy lifter, SSDR microlight. Designed to be rigged from securely folded to ready to fly in 10 minutes and coupled with its large stowage volume and lifting capacity, the BivvyBee is the ideal touring platform.

Maximum payload of pilot, fuel and baggage is a massive 150kg. There is plenty of room to carry a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, clothes, food, cooking equipment along with an array of spares. The BivvyBee lets you take it all in, including the journey as well. 

See the BivvyBee brochure and the price list/options.

Our after sales and customer support will also be on hand to offer you all the help you need, should you require it.


The Adam

The Flylight Adam 70 is our most contemporary design. Probably the most sophisticated Sub 70kg aircraft available today. With the choice of 2 power plants the vittorazi Atom 80 and the Moster 185 silent, the Adam is designed to get the free flight enthusiast up to natural lift with the least amount of fuss in an aircraft that excels powerful yet perfectly harmonised controls. 

See the Adam brochure and the price list/options


Micro Maintenance is based in the heart of the Midlands at Darley Moor Airfield, Derbyshire.  For further information and to view our demonstrator, call one of our friendly team today or email to book your visit.

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