Rotax Engine Service and Repairs

Micro Maintenance have approved Rotax Engineers fully qualified to service and maintain your Rotax engines. Our 2 and 4 Stroke specialists can also offer a fault finding service to diagnose any issues that you may have with your engine.

Our brand new purpose built facility can offer everything for your Rotax engine, be it spare parts, service kits, carburettor servicing and balancing, sprag clutch replacements, gearbox servicing, shock load testing, hose replacements, alongside all of your required hourly scheduled maintenance and inspections.

Our world headquarters (built 2021) is perfectly situated in the Midlands at Darley Moor Airfield, Derbyshire, boasting three runways, one of which is 650m of concrete offering all year access. The onsite Aviator Cafe Deli is perfect for you to enjoy a spot of lunch while you wait.  Our workshop is over 450m2 ensuring your aircraft remains protected form the elements during your stay.

Scheduled service Rotax 912ul/uls

25hrs from £195 

100hrs from £195 

200hrs from £240

Carburettor servicing Rotax 912ul/uls

Carb gasket & O ring replacement from £220 

Carb overhaul, pair on the bench from £600

Gearbox servicing Rotax 912ul/uls

600hr gearbox service from £120

1000hr gearbox service from £600

Labour Costs

Hourly labour rate £48ph plus VAT

Initial fault find to quote £65 (inc VAT)

Mileage Rate £0.75 ppm (inc VAT)

Rotax 912 shock load testing and crankshaft inspection

The Rotax definition of a propeller strike is: Sudden stoppage or any type of incident while the engine is stationary or running which makes it necessary to perform repairs on the propeller.

Micro Maintenance have the equipment, expertise and facilities to perform the required Shock Load Inspection. 

We perform the required Magnetic Particle Inspection (a non-destructive method for detecting defects in ferrous metals), required as part of the Rotax operating manual for such an event. All components are measured with precision, to ensure they are within the tolerances specified by Rotax.

The Gearbox housing is checked for damage and a crankshaft inspection is carried out to check that the crankshaft has not been Twisted.

Rotax 912 shock load test and magnetic particle inspection from £540.

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