Trig Authorised Dealers & Installers


Trig Authorised Dealers & Installers

Here at Micro Maintenance not only do we aim to offer you the best service, we also strive to offer you the best products! Which is why it gives us great pleasure to team up with Trig Avionics as an authorised dealer & installer. 

We have installed a number of Trig systems into our custom planes and they quickly became our go to avionics package.  

In our opinion you can’t get much better!

Trig Avionics unique designs offer you an infinite number of install options with their compact Transponder TT21/22 & their 8.33kHz VHF radio TY91/92. These systems are ideal for all microlight aircraft where space is usually a premium. The ease of use and simple navigation also makes these systems a pleasure to use (even with gloves on).

More importantly Trig Avionics offer you one of the best after sales and customer support services that is unrivalled in the aviation avionics community to date.

We recently installed a full Trig Avionics system into a custom build Skyranger Nynja LS. The separate units meant we were able to place the control heads in a location that no other system was able to fit, which was, in itself, a huge bonus for the build and compact design.  Further more we were then able to locate the base units away from other noisy electronics, ensuring radio clarity and easy accessibility for inspections and maintenance.  In this aircraft we installed an 8.33kHz VHF Transceiver TT91, a TT21 mode S transponder hardwired into a TN72 GPS position source to give ADS-B out.

Your Installation

Micro Maintenance are able to supply and/or fit all Trig Avionics systems to your Microlight aircraft, their designs combined with some very good accessories couldn’t make installations any easier, reducing installation costs or to sacrifice on that ideal placement in some of the most compact areas and aircraft.  We offer you a bespoke service to ensure your system is designed and installed to meet your needs and requirements. We also test, set up and demonstrate to you your system.

All installations are fitted in accordance with Trig Avionics installation requirements using only the best cables, accessories and antennas to also comply with the current standard minor modification issued by the BMAA/LAA and signed of by an independent Aircraft Inspector.

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TY91/22 8.33kHz VHF compact transceiver radio.

This transceiver is a Microlight Pilots dream system, not only does it provide you with the latest 8.33kHz radio requirements but it can also be used as your primary intercom, removing the need and costs for an addition system. Some other features include an auxiliary audio in to connect a tablet for audio alerts, listening in on two frequencies at once, VOX and full audio control to customise your experience and personalisation. 

Trig Say: Trig’s compact radio is the ideal retro-fit that can be installed in the smallest panel. The TY91 is certified and highly capable. Easy to use and faster to tune, it takes up minimal space and weight. The unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the fastest in class frequency selection. Dual Watch allows you to monitor two channels at the same time – it’s like having two radios in one. Compatibility with various EFIS systems enables remote control of the TY91 radio – it can even populate the on-route frequency from a connected GPS. A memory function provides fast frequency selection for your most used frequencies. A built-in intercom with mic gain adjustment on each headset ensures great performance, even when headsets brands don’t match.

Check out their page for more information and features:

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TT22 Mode S Transponder

TT22 Mode S Transponder.

It’s obvious to see why this little unit is a Pilots favourite around the world, it’s easy to read display ensures there is no mistake as to what code you are squawking. We find the unit very simple to use inflight with its uncomplicated operation and intuitive controls. There are some nice features also built into the unit like the VFR button to quickly switch back to 7000 with a simple one touch.

Trig Say: Fitting in the tightest panel space the innovative design saves weight and space. Trig is ‘better by design,’with Mode S technology that makes you visible to commercial, military and GA traffic, as a result transiting busy airspace becomes more predictable and stress free. Trig transponders are future proof too – the growing use of ADS-B further enhances your visibility and flight safety. Unlike other brands Trig transponders meet the very latest certification standard for ADS-B, FAA TSO-C166b.

Designed to be easier to use, with a clear bright display the controller even comes with a built in altitude encoder!  Join other Pilots who have made Trig their compact transponder of choice – you’ll be in great company.

Check out their page for more information and features: click here:

TN72 GPS Position Source –

affordable ADS-B Out.

ADS-B Out enhances your aircraft’s visibility to others, it has genuine safety benefits for pilot and passengers. Trig transponders are ADS-B Out capable, but they require the addition of a suitable GPS source to exploit this surveillance technology. Pilots with a Trig transponder can simply add a TN72 GPS Position Source to upgrade to ADS-B Out.

Installing a TN72 is a small price to pay for enhanced visibility and peace of mind by reducing the risk of collision. The TN72 GPS is light weight, compact and easy to install. It is highly affordable and uses certified technology – ensuring you are visible to all ADS-B In traffic devices. Don’t compromise your safety by using an uncertified GPS, this can make you invisible to traffic products designed to ‘reject’ uncertified positional data.

In Europe, the TN72 can be installed as a ‘voluntary’ ADS-B Out installation, in both EASA certified aircraft and all other uncertified types. EASA’s CS-STAN provides a specific and simple installation pathway. If you don’t have a Trig transponder, then the TT21/TN72 Conspicuity Bundle provides you with an ideal one box Mode S and ADS-B Out solution.

Read more about ADS-B and aircraft conspicuity here



Antennas and Accessories.

If you require antennas Micro Maintenance can supply a range of options to meet your requirements.  We can advise, supply and fit the Trig Avionics range of accessories and the antennas recommended for your system. 

Trig accessories: click here :

If you would like to discuss your aircrafts installation, product information or a quote for your dream Trig Avionics system do not hesitate to contact us directly by clicking here

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